Warm up your intimate relationship with Fiera™. An innovative product to spark desire

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How can something so small make such a big difference?

Fiera™ is a small, fast acting, hands-free product that is designed to encourage arousal and lubrication—getting you excited and ready for sex on your terms.

Use Fiera™ in advance of sexual intimacy to warm up your body using a unique combination of soft suction and stimulating vibration.

Designed to get you ready and wanting

Scientifically Tested, Women Approved
Small, Discreet, Beautiful Design

  • Mind, Body, SpiritGentle suction stimulates readiness so both mind and body are in the mood
  • A New Kind of StimulationCustomizable patterns and intensity applied directly to the clitoris makes each woman's experience uniquely hers
  • Hands-FreeKeeps you in the moment and lets you focus on the experience.

Created with women, driven by science

Our products, developed in partnership with women
and sexual health experts, are proven to ignite
arousal and increase desire, naturally.

As seen on...

As seen on...

I’ve heard there’s a new sexual device that uses suction on your clitoris to help turn you on before you have sex. Is it legit?

Yep, you heard right—Fiera, which is described as a new “arouser for her,” is a little hands-free gadget that adheres to your vulva and uses suction to draw blood flow to the area and help turn you on. The suction is a particularly nice bonus.

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Women who used Fiera said:

I tried Fiera™ and was pleasantly surprised how well such a small device stimulated me and how lubricated I became after a short period of use. Thanks Fiera! Adelina
After having two children, and juggling a busy life, sex was way down on the totem pole and I lost interest. Fiera™ ignited a new passion in my sex life that both me and my husband enjoy. Brandy
It takes me longer to become aroused. I used Fiera™ and it helped bring back the desire and willingness to have sex. Fiera made me feel like a woman again. I consider Fiera to be my little jump-start and would highly recommend to my friends. I have become much more interested in sex again and look forward to more. Thank you for introducing Fiera to me. Janet
I highly recommend Fiera™ as a "must have" to all women desiring to renew or regain their sex life. I am now enjoying a fulfilling sex life again! Sue
This was a wonderful product for all the women that struggle with arousal, lubrication or sexual desire.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Fiera™ to help with our struggles and it made our sexual experience even more enjoyable. It’s easy to use and you will find that it was worth the investment. Amazing product! Suzanne

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