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What is Fiera?

Fiera™ Arouser for Her™ is a new personal product that works with a woman’s body to enhance sexual arousal and desire, naturally. The unique design, co-created with women and healthcare professionals, uses proprietary combination of technology to provide gentle suction and multi-focal vibration in a unique manner. Fiera is a small, discreet and hands-free accessory that is designed to stimulate blood flow in the clitoris and encourage vaginal lubrication, helping awaken the body for an intimate and enjoyable sexual experience.

Is Fiera a sex toy?

Whereas most conventional sex toys for women are intended to help achieve orgasm, Fiera is designed specifically to promote sexual arousal and to prepare the body and mind for sexual activity. Fiera is backed by scientific data demonstrating changes in blood flow in the clitoris, a key physiological response that helps prepare a woman’s body for sex and intimacy.

Who can benefit from using Fiera?

Fiera is for every woman who wants to feel excited and ready for sex and intimately connected with her partner. Women at various life stages may have concerns with their sexual response, including level of sexual interest and arousal at some point in their lifetime. These concerns may be triggered by normal changes associated with, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, or other everyday factors such as life stressors, lack of sleep, relationship fatique, or child rearing. Fiera enhances sexual arousal and pleasure, so it may be used by women who are simply interested in enhancing an already satisfying sexual relationship.

How does Fiera work?

Fiera is tucked under the outer labia and worn over the clitoris, a woman’s most sensitive sexual organ, to provide stimulation through a proprietary combination of gentle suction and multi-focal vibration. As the nerve endings in the clitoris respond, a woman will begin to experience enhanced sensation to the genital area, which triggers a physiological state of arousal.

How and when does one use Fiera?

Fiera can be used in a number of ways, depending on personal needs and mood. Fiera may be used for a few minutes in advance of sexual activity to facilitate arousal. The accessory may also be worn during intimate moments to enhance pleasure with a partner through ongoing stimulation to the clitoral region. While Fiera was designed with a woman’s sexual partner in mind, some women enjoy using Fiera on their own. Though response time will vary from woman to woman, Fiera should be applied for five to ten minutes to awaken the body and mind for an enjoyable sexual experience.

Is Fiera comfortable to use?

Yes, Fiera provides a comfortable level of gentle suction that holds the product in place while stimulating the clitoral region. Fiera features pattern and intensity settings for a pleasurable, customizable experience.

How often can one use Fiera?

Fiera can be used as often as you like prior to or during intimate activity. Positive experiences as a result of using Fiera tend to lead to repeat use. However, as with any other sexual enhancement product, you should temporarily discontinue use if you experience any type of discomfort.

What does it mean that Fiera is a hands-free, wearable product?

Fiera is worn over the clitoris, and is held in place by a soft, silicone gel ring that attaches with gentle suction to the area between a woman’s inner and outer labia. The unique design serves several important functions: it helps to encourage blood flow in the clitoris, a key physiological reaction which signals your body that you are ready for sex; it provides direct clitoral stimulation while allowing penetration in some sexual positions, and it holds the accessory in place such that you move comfortably while in use, leaving your hands free for other activities.

Is Fiera noisy when in use?

Fiera was designed to be quiet and discreet.

What is Fiera made of?

Fiera is made from body-safe materials, including a silicone gel ring that can be removed for cleaning with mild soap and warm water.

Does one size fit all?

Recognizing that every woman’s body is different, the company behind Fiera worked with many women to design a product that would fit most women. Fiera comes with two styles of silicone gel ring, allowing women to decide which style suits them best based on fit and comfort. Each Fiera kit comes with three gel rings (a combination of the two styles). The company suggests trying the standard ring first, which draws in slightly more of the clitoral region. The gel rings are designed to be used for 3-4 uses each and should be replaced regularly for best performance.

Should lubricant be used with Fiera?

Yes, a small amount of water-based lubricant should be applied on and around the clitoris and labia and along the edge of the gel ring prior to placement to achieve the best seal. Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with Fiera, as they will degrade the silicone gel ring.

How should Fiera be cleaned?

Fiera should be cleaned after each use with mild soap and warm water and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth. The silicone gel ring can be removed for easy cleaning and snapped back into place after it has been thoroughly dried. Chemical cleansers should be avoided.

Can Fiera be used in the bath, shower, or pool?

Fiera was not designed to be used in the bath, shower or pool, and should never be submerged underwater. However, the product is splash-proof and may be washed under running water.

Is Fiera safe?

Fiera is safe. However, as with any personal care product, you should temporarily discontinue use if you notice any discomfort or unwanted increase in sensation.

How much does Fiera Arouser for Her cost?

Fiera will launch with a special introductory price of $199 in April for a limited time. The price will go up, when we start shipping in the end of Summer 2015.

Where can one purchase Fiera Arouser for Her?

Fiera Arouser for Her will be available for preorder on in late April 2015 with full launch and shipping in Summer 2015.

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How Can Something So Small Make Such a Big Difference?

Fiera is a small, fast acting and hands-free product that is designed to encourage blood flow and lubrication in the female genital region.

Fiera warms up your body for intimacy using a unique combination of soft suction and stimulating vibration.

This combination elicits sexual arousal and leads to a more satisfying sexual experience for women.

Love Sex

Fiera intesifies the emotional connection between you and your partner by getting you in the mood for sex, when you want.

Spark more passion tonight and enjoy the lasting benefits of intimacy. It can start with a conversation,

"I feel most connected to you when..."

Scientifically Tested,
Women Approved

Our products, developed in partnership with women and sexual health experts, are proven to ignite arousal and increase desire, naturally.

In testing, 87% of women were in the mood for sex after using Fiera.


Women who used Fiera said:

I tried Fiera and was pleasantly surprised how well such a small device stimulated me and how lubricated I became after a short period of use. Thanks Fiera!
After having two children, and juggling a busy life, sex was way down on the totem pole and I lost interest. Fiera ignited a new passion in my sex life that both me and my husband enjoy.
I highly recommend Fiera as a "must have" to all women desiring to renew or regain their sex life. I am now enjoying a fulfilling sex life again!
It takes me longer to become aroused. I used Fiera and it helped bring back the desire and willingness to have sex. Fiera made me feel like a woman again. I consider Fiera to be my little jump-start and would highly recommend to my friends. I have become much more interested in sex again and look forward to more. Thank you for introducing Fiera to me.

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