Fiera gets your mind and body in the mood.
Connection rekindled.

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Introducing Before-PlayFiera® is scientifically proven to enhance physical arousal and increase interest in sex.
We call this Before-Play.

Designed to get you Ready

Wear Fiera for a few minutes before sex and simply remove it when you feel warmed-up and in the mood. Fiera’s unique combination of gentle suction and stimulation increases the sensations of tingling and fullness that accompany sexual arousal.

Designed for Couples

While Fiera is for use by women, it was created with couples in mind. Together you’ll enjoy stronger intimacy and a revitalized sex life.

Created with women, driven by science

Our products, developed in partnership with women
and sexual health experts, are proven to ignite
arousal and increase desire, naturally.

Medical Community Reviews
This product really does what it says and helps get you in the mood. It has really helped re-spark our relationship. Jacqui
I really like the fact that this is an intimacy enhancer and not a partner replacement. Find this helps enhance the time I spend with my husband and make it more enjoyable. It is very quiet and can be used hands free and is comfortable. Angie
This product was great! My husband is always in the mood, me not so much. The Fiera quickly gets me going and it was fun and easy to use. Jen
Great product...can be used for pre-game arousal or to help with some pre-menopausal issues!!! Lisa

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