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5 Ways to Make Sex Fun Again

Let’s face it—sometimes you just don’t want to have sex. And that’s ok. Sexual desire and arousal is fluid and fluctuates throughout your life and your relationship. We all have those days, weeks, even months, where having fun in the bedroom is the least of our concerns. However, if you’re craving a more playful and enjoyable sex life, there are things you can do to get back in the groove with your partner.

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Anna Kendrick, Team Spirit, and Sex

All right, team... This is our first game of the season... If we all show the right spirit, I think we can win this one. Let's try to encourage each other... Let's hear a little chatter out there, okay?

― Charles M. Schulz

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5 Ways to Keep Your Cool During a Hot Flash

“I just love hot flashes!” —said no woman who has ever gone through menopause. Though the intensity and duration of hot flashes vary among women, some women need help managing the symptoms. There are many ways to help alleviate some of the discomfort of menopause, dealing with hot flashes in the heat of the moment (too soon? Sorry about that!) can be a challenge.

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How to Go on a Sexy Weekend Retreat

Sure, you’ve done the family Disney trip and the Grand Canyon, but when was the last time you and your partner snuck away for a sexy weekend retreat for just the two of you? It doesn't have to be expensive, and you don’t need more than a weekend. It’s about setting aside time to be in your bodies together.

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It's Not Me, It's You

I’ve always accepted blame for things that are my fault. Even as a young teenager, I didn’t try to cover up my often rebellious acts by refusing responsibility. I copped to whatever I did and accepted the consequences. Many women take the blame for things that they didn’t do just so they can keep the peace and avoid a potential confrontation. While I understand that desire, I have never been one to accept blame for things I did not do.

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How to Maintain Intimacy When You are Not in the Mood for Sex

I have gone through several sexual dry spells in my lifetime. During these times, I was so uninterested in having sex that my partner would get worried and even slightly offended. And I was, too. Offended at my own body, that is. I mean, I love my partner and find him attractive so why did sex of any kind feel like a no-go? I didn’t even want to try to be turned on, if I’m being honest. My mind was elsewhere and my body just wanted to be left alone.

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How to Ask for What you Want in a Relationship

My biggest pet peeve is feeling ignored. My partner’s greatest weakness is not paying attention. I’m sure you can see how that makes for some annoying moments in our relationship. Actually, annoying is an understatement. It drives me crazy when I say something and get no response.

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A New Approach to Breakfast

As a child of the 70s, I grew up eating all manner of processed, virtually nutrition-free foods that parents everywhere were led to believe constituted “breakfast.” Convenience foods were new and embraced with gusto. As a mother, it makes perfect sense to me now that my parents didn’t question the nutritive content of a bowl of sugar cereal—it was easy.

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Self Love is the Key to a Healthy Relationship

A friend of mine recently went through a tough divorce. It was one of those ugly breakups where one person was fine, relieved even, and the other, my friend, was shattered. I’ve known her for years and watched her marriage go from happy and loving to just plain dysfunctional.

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Bringing Ritual Back to Relationships

I just read t his funny story about a couple’s weird little ritual and it got me thinking. I’m always dwelling on the things my husband and I used to do before having children, like eating out whenever we want, sleeping in on weekends, having sex all the time (well, it seems like that in retrospect).
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