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Mother's Day Our Way


We were just talking this morning about how, when our kids were really young, all we secretly wanted for Mother’s Day was to get a break from them. Instead, we got a lot of beautiful family time and another screaming headache for which we had to grin and look grateful. And we were grateful for our families, of course, but wouldn’t have minded a little recognition for all the things we were in addition to mothers.

Now that our kids are older and out of the house most of the day, we can wholeheartedly enjoy spending quality time with them on Mother’s Day. But we still have a lingering sense that we would like to be recognized for our individual personhood, in addition to our stellar parenting. In that spirit, we’ve come up with some ideas for ways to assert our brains and bodies, and to celebrate Mother’s Day our way.

  • Go Shopping—All those years of chasing children required comfortable pants and sensible shoes. Whether it’s for a new dress or lingerie, buy yourself something impractical that makes you feel beautiful. 
  • Request Gourmet—Breakfast in bed is cute, but it always involves kid food! Instead of pancakes, ask for a frittata and make them really work this year. Plus, they might as well start learning how to make real food now, since they’re going to have dates and spouses to cook for one day.
  • Reclaim your Brain—Looking for a group activity to celebrate the day? Take them to a foreign film or a local history lecture, go for a group run, or sign the whole family up for an art class. It’s their turn to do what you want to do.
  • Get it on—Once the kids are in bed or out with their friends, cozy up to Dad. Raising kids often means putting our sexuality on hold, and now’s our time to take it back. 
  • Share the Love—Most of our friends are also mothers, and we think this is the perfect time to toast each other. Get a group of moms together for cocktails or and to hit the town after your family dinners.

Modern parenting involves a lot more than juggling than it used to, and we think Mother’s Day is the perfect time to recognize all that we do. Asserting our individuality and letting our kids get to know us as grownup people sets a healthy example for their eventual relationships with their own families and children.

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Written by Fiera

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