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How to Ask for What you Want in a Relationship

My biggest pet peeve is feeling ignored. My partner’s greatest weakness is not paying attention. I’m sure you can see how that makes for some annoying moments in our relationship. Actually, annoying is an understatement. It drives me crazy when I say something and get no response.

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4 Ways Your Relationship Gets Better Once the Kids are grown

When I was a new mom, I dreaded the first time that my daughter said she hated me. I was sure it would break my heart and strip all of my maternal confidence away. Inevitably, it happened. She was coloring on a wall (as young kids do) and I told her to stop. In her little 4-year-old voice, she looked me dead in the eye and said it: I hate you.

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6 Top Relationship Resources for Women Over 40 

Relationship discussions are not sparse, by any means. In every corner of the internet and in every coffee shop around the world, you’re bound to find people talking about love, what it means, and how to get better at it. But when it comes to women who are over 40, the resources seem to dwindle. Women who are no longer in their thirties should know everything there is to know about relationships, right? Hardly.

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Saying Yes

What if we just stopped trying to fix this for a minute, and started having honest conversations?

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Anna Kendrick, Team Spirit, and Sex

All right, team... This is our first game of the season... If we all show the right spirit, I think we can win this one. Let's try to encourage each other... Let's hear a little chatter out there, okay?

― Charles M. Schulz

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It's Not Me, It's You

I’ve always accepted blame for things that are my fault. Even as a young teenager, I didn’t try to cover up my often rebellious acts by refusing responsibility. I copped to whatever I did and accepted the consequences. Many women take the blame for things that they didn’t do just so they can keep the peace and avoid a potential confrontation. While I understand that desire, I have never been one to accept blame for things I did not do.

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How to Maintain Intimacy When You are Not in the Mood for Sex

I have gone through several sexual dry spells in my lifetime. During these times, I was so uninterested in having sex that my partner would get worried and even slightly offended. And I was, too. Offended at my own body, that is. I mean, I love my partner and find him attractive so why did sex of any kind feel like a no-go? I didn’t even want to try to be turned on, if I’m being honest. My mind was elsewhere and my body just wanted to be left alone.

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Playing Hookie


We’re big fans of date nights and magical get-aways with our husbands and main squeezes, and we’ve wondered if women are making enough time for dedicated time with partners. So, we conducted some informal research around the office and among friends, and discovered something surprising.

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Sexual Compromise: What You Want vs What You Need

“We have a timing problem,” my pal Suzie said to me over coffee. She was complaining about her sex life. “He gets his intimacy needs met by having sex, and I want the intimacy up-front, as a sort of bargaining chip for sex.”

Fascinated by Suzie’s problem, I wondered first if it was a heterosexual thing—men getting intimacy through sex, women getting it before they’ll have sex. I wondered if it was a timing problem, as Suzie theorized. This argument, whether you wanted your intimacy as an appetizer or as a side dish, sounded familiar to me. I wondered if some couples solved it with compromise.

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Secrets of Happily Married Couples

Happily ever after…

As long as we both shall live…

We’re taught early and often that marriage is pure and eternal bliss. But that idealistic vision of perfect wedded harmony doesn’t exactly set couples up for success—rather than a static thing you sign on for in its entirety, a marriage is more like an organism that needs to be tended and nurtured by the two of you.

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