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Long Live Grandmothers

Even in the throes of a hot flash, I've never really given much thought to the evolutionary purpose of menopause, but it seems that scientists are as mystified by it as they have been about the female orgasm.[1]I didn't know this, but other than humans, two species of whale are the only other animals whose females undergo menopause. Weird, right? A recent study [2] at UC Berkeley reinforces a theory that the key to menopause lies with grandmothers. Historically, childbirth was the number one killer of women. By undergoing menopause, older women were spared that particular cause of death, but were also around to help their daughters with childbirth and newborn childcare, and without producing more children of their own to compete for food and resources. Not only were their daughters more likely to live, but also their grandchildren, which provided a double whammy of insurance that their genes would be passed down to future generations.  

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“Just Say No” Isn’t The Sex Ed Your Child Needs

In the September issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, there is a position paper from the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine on Abstinence-Only-Until Marriage (AOUM) programs that should get every parent thinking about what kind of sex education their kids are receiving in school. Unfortunately, the intention of waiting until marriage to have sex often fails. With the age of marriage rising in the US, most people have sex for the first time as an adolescent or young adult. In fact, research demonstrates that AOUM programs don't delay the first time a young person has sex. In many communities across the US, abstinence-only programs have replaced more comprehensive ones and this is problematic, as we understand that AOUM programs have the following impact[1]:

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4 Ways Your Relationship Gets Better Once the Kids are grown

When I was a new mom, I dreaded the first time that my daughter said she hated me. I was sure it would break my heart and strip all of my maternal confidence away. Inevitably, it happened. She was coloring on a wall (as young kids do) and I told her to stop. In her little 4-year-old voice, she looked me dead in the eye and said it: I hate you.

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Relax, Don’t Do It

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a young woman who loved nothing more than lying on the couch, enjoying three-hour brunches and day-drinking with friends. Her apartment was a disaster, but who the heck cared?
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Picture Imperfect

We’ve been seeing a lot in the media lately from mothers urging us to get in the pictures with our kids, including this article* in the Huffington Post just the other day. And okay, yes. We’re all for ceasing to worry about baby weight, wrinkles, bad hair days…in theory. Between celebrity selfies and all the images of perfectly lit perfect families we are bombarded with on social media every day, how can we be blamed for staying behind the lens?

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