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Time to Reset Your Clock

“Forty is the new thirty,” they say. “Fifty is the new forty.” We hear this all the time, but what does it even mean? All we know is that we’ve found our forties and fifties to be a confusing time for ourselves and a lot of other women we know and meet.

So often we compare ourselves to our youthful incarnations—lamenting that our faces and bodies no longer look as they did when we were 25. But while we wish we still looked 25, there’s no way we’d want to go back and be that age. We are now much more confident in who we are and what we still want to become than we were back then, and we would not trade this self-knowledge for all the smooth, dewy skin in the world. So, we are determined to reset our self-images to our actual ages and let go of all the youth envy that’s been weighing us down.

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That's Not Funny: What Urinary Leaks Have To Do with Your Sex Life

I grew up spending lots of time with three wonderful older ladies: my grandmother, her sister, and their mother, my great-grandmother. This jolly trio told stories, carried vinyl, shoulder-strap purses full of candies and treasures, and went everywhere together.

And they laughed. Oh, how they laughed. They often stirred each other into laughter tizzies, belly-laughing until they cried, which was funny to them and would make them laugh even harder, wiping their eyes and begging, “Oh, Mercy!” “Oh, my Lord!” as their hysteria crescendoed.

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Exercise and Hot Flashes

Who doesn’t love a good story about a medical breakthrough, especially one that might benefit us personally? Potential cures for cancer, possible environmental links to Alzheimer’s, new vaccines for formerly incurable diseases…we love them all. But nothing perks up our ears like a lead on relieving menopause symptoms. In particular, we’re always looking for that magic-bullet cure for hot flashes. No one’s found it yet, but when they do, trust us—we’ll waste no time in letting you know.

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Topics: Mind & Body, menopause, health, hot flashes, fitness, exercisce
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