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Think Outside the Box of Chocolates

Flowers? Check. Fancy dinner? Check. Most couples have the Valentine’s Day routine down, but why should your romance operate like clockwork? This year we say deep-six the routine and find a way to celebrate that uniquely suits the two of you. And we’re not talking about grand gestures, either—take a minute or two to think back on your collective history and find a way to honor what brought and keeps you together.

Consider the following:

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25 Ways to Improve Your Day-to-Day Life

We don’t know about you, but we get overwhelmed with all the comprehensive changes we’re supposed to be making to overhaul our lives—exercise so many hours weekly; quit sugar, wheat and gluten; sleep eight hours nightly; save for retirement. Where to even start? We’re all for self-improvement, but are thinking about the small ways in which we can destress our daily lives and make them more enjoyable.

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Spicing up Your Holiday Gift List

Slightly Spicy Gift Guide

It happens to the best of us—you’ve been with your partner for a long time and suddenly all you can come up with by way of holiday gifts is socks. Maybe a new sweater he doesn’t need or a novelty beer-bottle opener if you’re feeling clever. This year why not try to up the ante with some romantic, even slightly suggestive gifts that will let him know you’re ready to stoke up the fire in your relationship?

We’ve gathered a few ideas to get you started thinking outside the box this year.

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