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That's Not Funny: What Urinary Leaks Have To Do with Your Sex Life

I grew up spending lots of time with three wonderful older ladies: my grandmother, her sister, and their mother, my great-grandmother. This jolly trio told stories, carried vinyl, shoulder-strap purses full of candies and treasures, and went everywhere together.

And they laughed. Oh, how they laughed. They often stirred each other into laughter tizzies, belly-laughing until they cried, which was funny to them and would make them laugh even harder, wiping their eyes and begging, “Oh, Mercy!” “Oh, my Lord!” as their hysteria crescendoed.

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Do Your Kegels!

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was experiencing some urine loss during exercise, following the birth of her child. Putting on my gynecology hat, I asked her if she'd tried kegel exercises yet. Her response was classic—“I hate working out, so why would my vagina be any different”? Her response intrigued me. As a clinician, recommending a treatment as simple as a kegel squeeze is a no-brainer.

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5 Sexual Confidence Boosters No One Will Know You're Practicing

We can all use a little hit of extra confidence now and then, but sometimes needing help feels so embarrassing. I’d never shame anyone for making efforts to improve their sex life, but I also get that some interventions work because better in private.

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