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Romantic ideas for the Two of You

The summer is almost upon us. Before you know it, though, we’ll be luxuriating in the weekends full of sun and barbeques. It’s so hard when you’re in the thick of the busy weekend fun to plan ahead, but now is a great time to think about how to plan to stay connected to your partner.

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6 Top Relationship Resources for Women Over 40 

Relationship discussions are not sparse, by any means. In every corner of the internet and in every coffee shop around the world, you’re bound to find people talking about love, what it means, and how to get better at it. But when it comes to women who are over 40, the resources seem to dwindle. Women who are no longer in their thirties should know everything there is to know about relationships, right? Hardly.

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Do You Need Couple's Therapy?

Adam D. Blum, MFT, directs therapy centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City . And though he loves being a therapist and an entrepreneur, if you ask him about the very best aspect of his job, he will talk about working with couples

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Where to Have Sex

When I was a teenager, I used to babysit my cousins so my aunt and uncle could go out and have sex in the back of their minivan. I remember hanging out with my aunt while she prepared for one such outing. She lined the van’s backend with blankets and spritzed it with Calvin Klein’s Obsession. She raised one eyebrow at me and said, “Don’t tell your mom this is what we do when you babysit.”

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Why you Need to Talk About Sex

Sex, though it appears everywhere from magazine covers to movies, is a taboo topic in our society for many reasons. One of these is the perception that talking about sex makes you too sexual (which is really not a thing, by the way). Another reason people find sex talk to be off limits is because we’ve been told to feel guilty or embarrassed about it—having it, wanting it, and even wanting it in a different way than you have it (or in a way that strays from what is considered “normal”). 

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What to do About Changing Libido During Menopause

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.” That old Salt-n-Pepa song is probably not the tune stuck in your head when you’re going through menopause. And for good reason. Your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes—specifically a dip in estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is the main female hormone and when it’s at a normal level, it helps to lubricate the walls of your vagina.

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How to Go on a Sexy Weekend Retreat

Sure, you’ve done the family Disney trip and the Grand Canyon, but when was the last time you and your partner snuck away for a sexy weekend retreat for just the two of you? It doesn't have to be expensive, and you don’t need more than a weekend. It’s about setting aside time to be in your bodies together.

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How to Maintain Intimacy When You are Not in the Mood for Sex

I have gone through several sexual dry spells in my lifetime. During these times, I was so uninterested in having sex that my partner would get worried and even slightly offended. And I was, too. Offended at my own body, that is. I mean, I love my partner and find him attractive so why did sex of any kind feel like a no-go? I didn’t even want to try to be turned on, if I’m being honest. My mind was elsewhere and my body just wanted to be left alone.

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Self Love is the Key to a Healthy Relationship

A friend of mine recently went through a tough divorce. It was one of those ugly breakups where one person was fine, relieved even, and the other, my friend, was shattered. I’ve known her for years and watched her marriage go from happy and loving to just plain dysfunctional.

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Bringing Ritual Back to Relationships

I just read t his funny story about a couple’s weird little ritual and it got me thinking. I’m always dwelling on the things my husband and I used to do before having children, like eating out whenever we want, sleeping in on weekends, having sex all the time (well, it seems like that in retrospect).
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Topics: sex, arousal, romance, relationship, Mind & Body, marriage, mindfulness, desire, sexy
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