PR Newswire: Aytu BioScience Announces the Acquisition of Nuelle, Inc., Developer and Marketer of Fiera® Female Personal Care Device

aytu_logo.jpgENGLEWOOD, Colo., May 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Aytu BioScience, Inc. (OTCQX: AYTU), a specialty life sciences company focused on global commercialization of novel products in the field of urology, today announced the acquisition of Nuelle, Inc. ('Nuelle"), a women's sexual health company.  This transaction expands the Company's product portfolio with the addition of the Fiera® personal care device for women.  Fiera was recently launched in the United States and is a proprietary, revenue-generating product scientifically proven to enhance physical arousal and sexual desire in the millions of adult women around the world impacted by changes in sexual desire.

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San Francisco Chronicle: Virtual Sex Is Not Just Science Fiction

SanFrancisco_Chronicle_Logo.jpgNuelle, founded in 2012, is selling the Fiera, a device designed to help women overcome the anxiety of not feeling in the mood for sex when their partner is ready. The Mountain View company says the Fiera, which sells for $199, or $249 with a remote control, is only designed to “jump start” sex drive, not cause an orgasm — like the Orgasmatron in Woody Allen's 1973 sci-fi comedy “Sleeper” — or replace a personal relationship.

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Mac Sources: Fiera V2 For Her Plus Remote REVIEW

MacSources-Logo.png"The device is really neat and has a great deal of promise to ladies who are struggling with libido/healthy sexual life. Since it requires no prescription, anyone can purchase the device.  It is rechargeable and thus is less dependent upon finding batteries (except the remote).  It is made of body-safe materials (phthalate-free) and is designed to be hands-free, as stated above.  In addition to producing the Fiera and fiera+remote, Nuelle Inc. provides reliable health information to their subscribers, to further reduce the taboo nature of sexual health and intimacy.  One of the biggest complaints I have come across is the cost of the device and that cheap vibrators work also.  This device is not meant to cause orgasm, nor is it intended for individual play.  As a couples device, it is designed to increase the bond, increase the frequency of connections and in some instances to heighten the orgasm you would have had with your partner anyway.  The device is a little costly at $199 for the Fiera or $249 for the fiera+remote.  Again, it is important to think of this device as an investment in your relationship."

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Urban Milan: Valentine's Day Gifts for HER


Fiera® Personal Care Device

Give her the gift of Sexual Health!

Fiera is a women’s personal care device that was developed with OB/GYNs to enhance physical arousal and jump start sex drive, naturally. This little device is Doctor tested and scientifically proven to help you look forward to sex and feel as ready as your partner. Fiera is worn for as little as five minutes in advance of sex to help the mind and body feel more in the mood. Fiera uses gentle suction over the clitoris to create feelings of readiness and excitement. The device is rechargeable, quiet, discreet and comes with a remote. Fiera can be used privately in advance of sex or incorporated into foreplay with your partner and makes a great Valentine's Day gift to kickstart your romance. 
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The Doctors: The Importance of Using Correct Terminology for Female Genitalia

TheDoctors.jpgOB/GYN Dr. Leah Millheiser, from the Legalize V campaign, discusses the importance of using the correct name for female genitalia in the media.

Full article: 

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PR Newswire: Sexual Health Brand Nuelle™ Unveils Its Latest Innovation To Aid Couples Intimacy During Showstoppers At CES 2017

logo_prnewswire.jpgLAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Women's health and wellness brand Nuelle™, Inc. unveils its latest innovation, Fiera® Personal Care Device + Remote, alongside the release of new study findings, at its second appearance at ShowStoppers, the premier media showcase during CES 2017. Debuting the latest from the brand at the Wynn Hotel, Nuelle™ will be exhibiting at booth B6.

"The 'health tech' industry has grown significantly in the past few years, and ShowStoppers at CES has been a great supporter of this extremely important category," says Founder and CEO of Nuelle, Karen Long. "We couldn't think of a better event to debut our latest innovation and showcase our fascinating new research findings here, alongside other groundbreaking new technologies."

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Bustle: The Best 2016 Gifts To Give Your Vagina This Holiday

bustle-logo.jpgEarlier this year, a collaborative effort of gynecologists, as well as CEOs and Founders of some of the most feminist and pro-women companies around, including Alexandra Fine of Dame Products, Tania Bolder of Elvie, and Karen Long and Dr. Leah Millheiser, both of Nuelle, developer of sexual wellness and intimate care products for women, launched the Legalize V campaign to remind us why we should never be ashamed of the word "vagina".

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Refinery29: Forget Vibrators — THIS is The Sex Toy You Need

Refinery29logo3.jpgIn the case of the Fiera — which is focused more on arousal than orgasm — a silicone cap forms an airtight seal around the clitoris, with suction drawing blood into the genitals and acting as a kind of mechanical foreplay (if you want to get sciencey about it, it increases vasoengorgement).

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PR Newswire: Women Want to Have Sex More Often When Using Intimacy Products

Co-Sponsored Study Results Revealed by Nuelle™ and K-Y®

PR-Newswire-logo.jpgNEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuelle™, a personal health and wellness company focused on women's sexual wellbeing and intimacy, releases its findings from a new study in partnership with K-Y®, the most trusted brand of lubricants for 100 years, coinciding with the launch of Fiera® Personal Care Device + Remote.

Most women between 40 to 75 years agree that sexual activity is important to overall quality of life; however, the majority frequently experience challenges with diminished sexual interest and inadequate lubrication.1Nuelle has been focused on creating products for women and couples to address changes in sexual arousal and interest.  Subsequently, the company executed a study to examine the effects on intimacy and relationships when using K-Y UltraGel – a water-based lubricant – after using Fiera® Personal Care Device + Remote – a hands-free wearable product for women with a user-friendly remote, specifically designed to enhance physical readiness for sex, naturally.

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Chicago Tribune: We Shouldn't Be Afraid To Use The Word 'Vagina'

ChicagoTribune logo.jpg"It is important to teach children the name of their body parts, so that they are comfortable understanding and communicating about their bodies," Goldstein said. "Just like it would be odd to teach a child to call their eye a 'see see' or their hand a 'touchy touchy,' it can be infantilizing and discomforting to encourage them to use euphemisms or unique words to discuss their genitals."

Beyond that, sexual abuse educators stress that it's important that children know the correct names for their genitals, so that they're better equipped to discuss sexual abuse.

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