• Dweck Alyssa

    "Women I know are embracing Fiera®. It's sleek, feminine, discreet and designed to enhance arousal, increase desire, and enhance relationships."

    -Alyssa Dweck, MD
    OB/GYN, Mount Kisco Medical Group

  • Risa Kagan

    "The scientific data to support the use of Fiera® reassures me that it is worth trying. Thus far, women I know who have used it report excellent results for desire, arousal, and a rekindling of their relationship."

    -Risa Kagan, MD
    GYN, Sutter Health Network

  • Parish Sharon

    "Fiera® transforms a woman's body and mind into wanting again. I truly am excited about recommending this safe, non-pharmaceutical, self-directed sexual enhancement product to women and their partners."

    -Sharon Parish, MD
    Internal Medicine, New York Presbyterian

Fiera Professional Program

Join the thousands of offices who are partnering with us to address women’s concerns around changing levels of lubrication, libido and arousal.

As a member of our Professional Program, you will receive:

  • Brochures with exclusive HCP discounts to share with women who might benefit from Fiera
  • The latest Fiera scientific study results
  • Invitations to regional Fiera-hosted dinner symposiums and events
  • A dedicated Sales Professional, to ensure that your office has the support it needs

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Fiera HCP Training Video

Dr. Leah Millheiser, Ob-Gyn and Chief Scientific Officer of Nuelle, gives a 5-minute overview of: how Fiera works, how a woman uses Fiera, how to identify the most appropriate users for Fiera, and an overview of the data.

backed by science

female arousal

Read more about our testing, including highlights from our Consumer in Home Use Test, or view results of the impact of Fiera on genital engorgement as measured by thermography.


Fiera How-To Animation

Many women are initially unsure how to place Fiera on their bodies. This brief animation video (< 2 minutes) shows how Fiera is correctly placed on the body, and can be downloaded as an in-office resource.


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