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Sweet Somethings: Rekindle Your Relationship 

Fiera | Rekindle Your Relationship | Marriage without Intimacy We love big moments and swoon-inducing gestures as much as the next girl. But we also know that it’s the small moments and daily demonstrations of thoughtfulness that provide the glue for meaningful lifelong relationships. This year we’re thinking about that “glue” and how to make it even stronger.

When we look back on our histories with our partners, we all tend to hold the same flashbulb memories close—the moment he got on his knee and we said “yes” and, later, “I do;” the first time we met our partner’s gaze over our newborn child; the statement necklace presented on a significant birthday.


Relationship Refresh Plan

Roses, chocolate, champagne…we love all the trappings of love and the romantic rituals. But this year we’re thinking about how to reinforce the small stuff that helps keep the spark alive in our relationships.

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