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Nuelle™ is a personal health and wellness company focused on women's sexual wellbeing and intimacy. At Nuelle we believe in celebrating the lives of women by developing innovative products specifically focused on women’s sexual health needs and concerns.

Our mission is to contribute significantly to the research, information, and products provided to promote personal health and enable women to enhance their intimate relationships.

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We are excited to introduce a new category in women's sexual wellness with the introduction of Fiera®, a personal care device for women proven to help you look forward to intimacy with your partner, feel ready and excited when the moment is right, and strengthen your emotional connection.  

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words matter.
let us tell you why.

As far as words go, “vagina” has been through a lot. It’s been labeled inappropriate, vulgar, offensive, profane. Here’s the truth—the word “vagina” is none of those things. It’s a powerful and important word which lets women take ownership of their bodies, their sexuality, and even their safety.


leadership team


karen-long.jpgKaren Long
President & CEO

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Karen Long is the President & CEO. She is one of the early founding members of the Nuelle team. Karen has focused her career in health and wellness first starting in direct patient care and then moving to medical technology. She was World Wide Vice President of Marketing for Acclarent, a novel Ear, Nose and Throat company focused on the unmet needs of people who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

Acclarent was founded in 2005 and acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2010. Prior to Acclarent, Karen held various management positions in marketing and product development at consumer diagnostics companies: Lifescan, a Johnson & Johnson company, Inverness Medical, and Chemtrak.

Karen loves to help new brands get to market and has been an essential early stage team member at many successful start-ups most recently Coravin, a breakthrough wine access technology co-founded by Dr. Joshua Makower, Founder of Nuelle.

Karen holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in Social Work from San Diego State University.

dr-leah-millheiser.jpgLeah Millheiser, MD
Chief scientific officer

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Dr. Leah Millheiser is the Chief Scientific Officer of Nuelle. At Stanford University Medical Center, Leah is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Female Sexual Medicine Program. In addition, she is a Fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; as well as, the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health.

As a sexual medicine expert, Leah devotes her career to treating all aspects of female sexual health. She has a particular interest in the sexual wellness of cancer survivors. In her gynecology practice, she takes care of women across the lifespan, from adolescence through post-menopause.

After completing her residency at Stanford University School of Medicine in 2004, Leah spent four years as a Women’s Reproductive Health Research Scholar. This position was awarded to her by the NIH/NICHD. Leah is the author of several peer-reviewed journal articles and medical book chapters. She is a frequent lecturer, both nationally and internationally, for various medical institutions, medical conferences, and women’s health groups and is a known media expert in women’s sexual health.

Leah is a graduate of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

earl-bright.jpgEarl (eb) bright
chief operating officer

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Eb Bright is the Chief Operating Officer at Nuelle and has been a part of the team since it’s inception. Eb joined the ExploraMed Development health incubator in December 2005 as one of the first permanent employees. Eb, a lawyer by training, has been a critical team member in every company developed within the ExploraMed incubator.

Eb has led these companies as a company founder, inventor, business advisor, and importantly their patent attorney -developing and protecting intellectual property, a primary differentiator in the marketplace. He has also served on the executive management teams of five of the start-up companies to exit the incubator. Eb serves on the Board of Advisors of U.S. Start-ups and Inventors for Jobs, an organization he founded with other entrepreneurs to protect and foster innovation.

Previously, Eb was Director of Intellectual Property West Coast Operations at Guidant Corporation focused on patent and trademark applications and litigation; as well as, handling legal issues for Guidant Japan and the Compass equity investment and mergers & acquisitions group.

Eb is passionate about making a positive impact on the quality of life and empowerment of individuals. He is excited about legitimizing the conversation around women’s sexual health and intimate care.

Eb holds Juris Doctorate and Engineering degrees from the University of Oklahoma. In addition, Eb graduated with MBAs from Columbia University and University of California, Berkeley.







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